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 +.[[CDF]] is the extension used by [[Affymetrix]] to name files storing information about an array layout. The locations of probes, probe-sets and probe-pairs are registered in this files.
 +For each type of array, [[Affymetrix]] provides a [[CDF]] file containing information about its characteristics. If several [[CEL]] files belong to the same array type they will use the same [[CDF]] file.
 +[[Babelomics]]' data base repository contains [[CDF]] files for all standard [[Affymetrix]] arrays. If you are using an standard [[Affymetrix]] array then you do not need to upload [[CDF]] files into [[Babelomics]]. At the moment it is not possible to upload **custom** [[CDF]] files into [[Babelomics]] so you will not be able, for instance, to normalize **custom** [[Affymetrix]] arrays.
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