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 +====== Affymetrix raw data files: CEL files ======
 +**.[[CEL]]** is the extension used by [[Affymetrix]] to name data files storing probe intensity measurements. Information about the array design characteristics such as location of probes, probe-sets and probe-pairs is stored by Affymetrix in [[CDF]] files.
 +In an experiment carried out using [[Affymetrix]] technology you will have a [[CEL]] file for each of the arrays you hybridized.
 +In [[Babelomics]], [[CEL]] files are considered to be the [[raw data]] files of the [[Affymetrix]] platform.
 +Some [[CEL]] files can be in text format but most of them wil be in ASCII or binary format.  Do not be too surprised if you cannot open them using a text editor or an spreadsheet.
 +[[http://www.affymetrix.com/support/developer/powertools/changelog/gcos-agcc/cel.html|Here]] you can find more information about [[Affymetrix]] [[CEL]] files format.
 +Information about some other [[Affymetrix]] data files can be found [[http://www.affymetrix.com/support/developer/powertools/changelog/gcos-agcc/index.html|here]].
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