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 +====== Preprocessing data matrix methods ======
 +Preprocessing a data matrix yield an other data matrix with transformed measurements.
 +The processed matrix is stored in a new text file tab delimited.
 +In this file:
 +   * **Arrays or samples** are arranged **in columns**.
 +   * **Genes, spots or features** are set **in rows**.
 +   * Some **header** lines may be included at the beginning of the file. They will all start by **#**.
 +   * One of those header lines, starting by **#NAMES** will contain the names of the arrays in your dataset.
 +   * The **first column** contains feature **identifiers**. For Agilent one color arrays, Babelomics tries to figure out which is the best feature id among those provided within the raw data files. Some other feature ids will we reported in the Feature Data File.
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