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 +====== Edit Data ======
 +  - In the main menu go to **Processing data** and then click on the //Edit// button.   \\ {{ :images:edit_data:main_link.png |Edit data link}} \\ 
 +  - Select the DataSet in which you want to enter new variables and press in //Create new variable//.   \\ {{ :images:edit_data:select_data.png |Select dataset}} \\ 
 +  - The following step is to **insert a name for the new variable and assign a value type**. Value types can be: CATEGORICAL, NUMERIC or STRING. \\ (e.g. Phenotypic variables have, frequently, CATEGORICAL values, such as 'control' and 'disease'. This kind of information is used afterward in differential expression analysis or predictors.)  \\ {{ :images:edit_data:new_variable.png |Create new variable}} \\ 
 +  - Click on the magic wand and insert the first **value for this variable**.  You can also add a brief description (optional). For the second **value or category** you have to click the magic wand again and the same for the rest of values:  \\ {{ :images:edit_data:values_variable.png |Assign values to variables}} \\ 
 +  - Click to open th **edition table**.   \\ {{ :images:edit_data:open_edition_table.png |Open Edition Table}} \\ 
 +  - **Assign** the correct **value to each sample**. The values must be the same that the ones typed in step 4. Click on //Submit// button to confirm the edition.  \\ {{ :images:edit_data:assingn_variables.png |Assign values to each sample}} \\ 
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