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 +====== Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells After Maternal Separation ======
 +**10** [[GenePix]] [[GPR]] two color expression arrays from [[http://bioinfo.cipf.es/node/730|van Heerden et al.]].
 +Two biological conditions are hybridized against a //common reference// pool.
 +  *{{:example_data:mononuclear_cells:mononuc_cells.zip|Raw data}}: **10** [[GenePix]] [[raw data]] files ([[GPR]] files). Arrays + **sample information** are provided in a **zip** file. (30 MB)
 +  *{{:example_data:mononuclear_cells:mononuc_cells_sampleinfo.txt|Sample information}}: Classification information of each sample (array). In a **tab** delimited **text** file.
 +  *{{:example_data:mononuclear_cells:mononuclear_cells_normexp_printtiploess_quantiles.txt|Normalized data}}: using **normexp** background correction, **printtiploess** within array normalization and **quantiles** between array scaling. **Tab** delimited **text** file.
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