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 +====== ID converter ======
 +Dealing with identifiers coming from many databases is a major problem when merging information or when analysing data at the functional level. The process of [[id_conversion|identifiers conversion]] into many databases has been implemented in Babelomics as an independent tool, the **ID converter**.
 +ID converter allows to convert an //idlist// type of data into other identifiers. After selecting the organism that your identifiers belong to, Babelomics will offer you a great range of identifiers to translate your list to.
 +An individual table and text file for each of the databases will result from the ID converter process.
 +**An example**:\\
 +  ***Input**
 +  CYP2C8    
 +  CYP2C19   
 +  NR1I3     
 +  ***Output**
 +The translation output can have two formats:\\
 +  CYP2C8     IPI00290301
 +  CYP2C19    IPI00013323, IPI00657852
 +  NR1I3      IPI00001687, IPI00418379, IPI00434598, IPI00815775
 +  CYP2C8     IPI00290301
 +  CYP2C19    IPI00013323
 +  CYP2C19    IPI00657852
 +  NR1I3      IPI00001687
 +  NR1I3      IPI00418379
 +  NR1I3      IPI00434598
 +  NR1I3      IPI00815775
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