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 +====== Registration ======
 +An email will be sent before **February 7th** communicating the formal acceptance in the course.\\
 +Once you have been formally accepted in the IX International Course on Microarray Data Analysis you will find in this page the details for the formalization of the registration.\\
 +Registration fees are 500€ and must be paid no later than **February 28th 2013**. Payments can be done either by credict card or by bank transfer.\\
 +===== IMPORTANT =====
 +Please remember to send your invoice details. If you pay by yourself we will need your ID number and your postal address. If your institution or company pays then we need the VAT number, the name of the institution or company and the postal address.\\
 +===== Bank transfer payment (recommended)=====
 +Bank transfer to the bank account below (transfers from outside Spain will need SWITF or IBAN codes)\\
 +A copy of the transference confirmation should be sent by fax (+34 963289701) or scanned and sent by email to Lorena Garrido ([[lgarrido@cipf.es]]; see also [[contact|contact page]]: ) before **February 28th 2013**, stating in the subject "MDA13 GENOMICS" \\
 +| Bank Name: | BANKIA |
 +|Account Holder: | Fundacion de la Comunidad Valenciana Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe. |
 +|Bank Address: | C/Doctor Moliner, 2. 46010-VALENCIA |
 +|Account: | 6000204038 |
 +|IBAN Code: | ES14 2038 9938 4160 0020 4038 |
 +|Concept: | MDA2013 GENOMICS + YOUR NAME |
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