User account

There are two ways to access PATHiWAYS web analysis tool:

  • Through an anonymous account which does not need any registration, or
  • a user account which need a previous free registration.

Accessing with an anonymous account

By default you are logged to PATHiWAYS with an Anonymous account. With this session you are able to work normally (upload your data, process it, download your results, …) with a maximum of 1GB of space to store your jobs.

It is important to bear in mind that this kind of session does not store your jobs in new sessions. If you close your browser window all jobs and data stored will be lost. To avoid this, just register and you will be able to store all jobs in your user account.

You have two ways to run PATHiWAYS as anonymous user:

1. Click one of the Run PATHiWAYS buttons:

 Sign in as anonymous

2. Click on the Sign in button located at the top right part of your screen, select anonymous user and click Sign in button:

 Sign in as anonymous

Accessing with a user account

Creating an user account has some advantages against the anonymous login. By login with you own account you will be able to store your jobs and data and access them whenever you want. After logout, all your projects are stored in our servers with your account, so if you login again with a new session or from another computer your data will remain in the same place.

To create a user account just select New account in the Sing in panel and fill the registration form with the information requested.

 Create new account

By summiting your e-mail and password, PATHiWAYS home page appears with your session on. Now, you can start working! And all your jobs and data will be saved for the next session if you logout.

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