Create annotation

You can use this module to retrieve functional information (gene ontologies, domains, pathways, regulatory elements…) about the genes in your dataset or the whole genome. This new annotation list can be forwarded into Babelomics Functional Analysis tools as a new database named as Your annotations.

Upload your idlist of interest or retrieve information for the whole genome, and select which one of the functional databases is of your interest. Finally decide the output format for the annotation:

  • Compact
YDR130C        GO:0000087,GO:0000278,GO:0000280
YKL175W        GO:0006811
YDR473C        GO:0006396,GO:0006397,GO:0008380,GO:0016071
  • Extended
YDR130C        GO:0000087
YDR130C        GO:0000278
YDR130C        GO:0000280
YKL175W        GO:0006811
YDR473C        GO:0006396
YDR473C        GO:0006397
YDR473C        GO:0008380
YDR473C        GO:0016071

The tool Create annotation will generate an annotation (Gene vs. Annotation, Compact Annotation) that can be forwarded and used as a Your annotations data in your functional analysis in Babelomics Functional Analysis tools:

Where you can upload the annotation created by this tool

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