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Data administration

Files uploaded and data generated by the different Babelomics tools are stored in the way that you can easily access and manage it.

There are two ways of accessing your data:

  • Quick view of the data
  • Detailed view of the data and management

Data access

Quick view of the data

By clicking on Data list all files uploaded and data generated will appear listed in the right menu.

Data view

Press on any file you want to see and all details about it will appear (name, size, data type, creation date and time, …). You can also Rename and Delete this file.

History at the bottom, shows a list of the processes for which this file has been an input or output.

Detailed view of the data and management

Press the Data management icon Data management and you will be redirected directly to the data management suite.

There you have two lists:

  • Uploaded data: files you have uploaded through the Upload data tool.
  • Data by job: input files and data generated filtered by job name.

Data Management

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