GenePix raw data files: GPR files

.GPR is the extension used by GenePix for the files containing microarray spot scanned intensities.

Information about the array design characteristics such as spot location or block layout is generally stored by GenePix in GAL files. Most often this information is also within GPR files so, in general, GPR are self sufficient. Thus, Babelomics should not need such layout information and indeed, GAL files cannot be used in Babelomics.

Hence, if your GPR files do not contain the array layout information you will not be able to normalize them using Babelomics normalization tools.

In an experiment carried out using GenePix technology you will have one GPR file for each of the arrays or slides you hybridized. If you are doing a one-color hybridization the GPR file will contain information just for one channel signal. If you are doing a two-color hybridization the GPR file will contain information for two channel signals.

In Babelomics, GPR files are considered to be the raw data files of the GenePix platform.

GPR files are generally text format files so you can open them using a text editor or an spreadsheet.

Here you can find more information about GenePix GPR file format.

Information about some other GenePix data files can be found here.

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